Below it, look for it to complete the 61.8% to 61.8% move per the ONE44 61.8% rule at 71.65. (full story)
HEZ23: 72.175s (-2.300), ADM: 76.98 (-1.90)

Spinoffs are a great hunting ground for investment because they have the potential to generate higher returns than the broader market. (full story)
CRNC: 20.83 (-0.21), PHIN: 25.86 (-0.23), BWA: 40.76 (+0.66), SPHR: 36.48 (+0.16), MSFT: 317.01 (-2.52), GM: 32.58 (-0.13), F: 12.43 (+0.23), RIVN: 20.59 (-0.94), GOOGL: 130.25 (-0.19), AMZN: 129.12 (-0.21)

Lower Mississippi Valley Drought To See Rain | Weather.com (full story)

There are a few notable earnings releases this week as well as some potentially market-moving news. Here are 5 things to watch in the market this week. (full story)
SPY: 430.42 (-0.97), TSLA: 244.88 (-10.82), NVDA: 416.10 (+5.93), COST: 558.59 (+3.51), NKE: 90.85 (-0.74), KMX: 76.66 (-2.24), CCL: 14.05 (-0.40)

Click to view report AMS_1880.pdf in PDF format (full story)

Broadcom recently released impressive results for its fiscal Q3. The semiconductor company reported a massive 52% FCF margin on revenue. This could push AVGO stock significantly higher. (full story)
AVGO: 829.08 (+20.72)

How Queen's Brian May Helped NASA's Bennu Mission | Weather.com (full story)

Small-cap stocks can be highly rewarding for investors, as they generally have greater growth potential than their large-cap rivals. Here are two consistently profitable small-cap names with solid growth prospects. (full story)
SMWB: 5.21 (-0.05), CSGS: 51.53 (-0.27)

Gone are the days we simply focused on US supply and demand to give us insight into price direction. Taking a look this week at some of the major global factors I am watching that are likely to influence price direction. (full story)

Japan has gone through a long period of economic stagnation and deflation since the 1990s, frequently referred to as the lost decades, but there seems to be signs that Japan might finally be recovering. Inflation is back, and foreign investors are pouring money into the Japanese stock market. Is Japan making a comeback from the Lost Decades? (full story)

With a spike in government deficit and an elevated interest rate environment, are we seeing the beginning of a crisis in sovereign debt and pension funds? We talked to Bruce Liegel, a longtime macro fund manager and author of Global Macro Playbook, and Nicholas Glinsman, co-founder at Malmgren-Glinsman Partners, for a deep dive on this topic. (full story)

Economics principles dictate that prices are determined by the principles of supply and demand. However, does this theory align with the market dynamics in practice? To what degree do supply and demand fundamentals truly drive the prices of agricultural commodities, and what factors contribute to short-term price volatility? (full story)

Small and large dividend stock and ETF investors can use covered calls and puts trades to generate monthly income from options premiums and options trading. (full story)
CG: 30.44 (-0.03), ISRG: 288.20 (+3.85), PG: 151.58 (-0.56)

Small and large dividend stock and ETF investors can use covered calls and puts trades to generate monthly income from options premiums and options trading (full story)
V: 235.08 (-1.53), XBI: 72.96 (-0.74), XLY: 160.93 (-1.60), DG: 108.14 (-1.62)

Australia's second quarter is typically associated with seasonal trends in tourism and travel. The country attracts many international tourists as Australia's weather becomes more favorable during this period. The influx of visitors can influence the demand for the Australian Dollar. Could this put profits in traders' accounts this year? (full story)
A6Z23: 0.64570 (-0.00040), MGZ23: 0.6458 (-0.0003)

Chicago Wheat has been retracing ever since the highs in March of 2022 that occurred at the beginning of the Russia, Ukraine conflict. The markets have just now returned back to more normal levels and ready to bounce higher. (full story)

Ophelia Makes Landfall, Takes Out Power, Floods Cities | Weather.com (full story)

Mr Gann viewed stocks as live electrons, atoms, and molecules which hold persistently to their own individuality in response to the fundamental Law of Vibration. (full story)
ZSX23: 1296-2s (+2-4), ZCZ23: 477-2s (+2-0), ZWZ23: 579-4s (+3-6), HEZ23: 72.175s (-2.300)

Yesterday, I was a guest on AgWeb's Markets Now to discuss the recent action in the grain markets. I also talked about the cattle and energy markets. (full story)
ZWY00: 502-0s (+3-5), ZCY00: 505-6s (+2-0), ZSY00: 1258-0s (+2-0), LEY00: 183.000s (+0.520)

On-Feed report; Beans close below $13.00 (full story)

Click to view report AMS_2192.pdf in PDF format (full story)

Starting in October, millions of Americans will have to resume payments on their student loans. Increasingly, employers might be helping to foot the bill. (full story)

Bow season has already opened up in several states and a hunter from Iowa is offering some tips when it comes to hunting deer during the early season. Southern Iowa hunter Lance Cornelius, a member of The Woodsman and BuckVentures, joined Outdoor Adventures this week to discuss the areas he... (full story)

Click to view report AMS_2207.pdf in PDF format (full story)

Click to view report fvddaily_move.pdf in PDF format (full story)

Click to view report fvdorganic.pdf in PDF format (full story)

Click to view report fvwretail.pdf in PDF format (full story)

In Jim's video, he details the role that teleconnections play in global grain weather. In addition, he addresses seasonal probabilities at this stage of the current crop. (full story)
ZSX23: 1296-2s (+2-4), SOYB: 27.26 (+0.03), ZWZ23: 579-4s (+3-6), WEAT: 5.80 (+0.05)

Click to view report fvdfob.pdf in PDF format (full story)

Click to view report fvdtomf.pdf in PDF format (full story)

WASHINGTON, DC 22-SEP-2023 WA_FV101 ... (full story)

WASHINGTON, DC 22-SEP-2023 WA_FV102 ... (full story)

PHOENIX Shipping Point Prices as of 22-SEP-2023 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News... (full story)

Cattle Rallies in Front of COF Report (full story)

CHICAGO Terminal Prices as of 22-SEP-2023 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News Service,... (full story)

Click to view report fvdtvmelon.pdf in PDF format (full story)

PHOENIX Shipping Point Prices as of 22-SEP-2023 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News... (full story)

PHOENIX Shipping Point Prices as of 22-SEP-2023 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News... (full story)

SA_LS855 San Angelo, TX Fri Sep 22, 2023 USDA Market News National Sheep Summary for Week Ending Friday, September 22, 2023 Weekly Trends: Compared to last week traditional slaughter lambs steady to 5.00 higher, others mostly steady to 10.00 lower, except lambs under 70 lbs... (full story)

Friday’s cattle trade settled triple digits higher. The $2.10 gain in October left the lead month at a 15 cent gain for the week’s move, while Dec was still 47 cents in the red Fri/Fri. USDA reported had the week’s cash trade from $185-$186 in the North and mostly near... (full story)
LEV23: 187.075s (+2.100), LEZ23: 191.350s (+1.850), LEG24: 195.550s (+1.475), GFU23: 254.100s (+0.825), GFV23: 259.150s (+1.375)

Front month hog prices were another triple digits lower to close the last trade day of the week. Dec and Feb futures gave back another 3% on the day. For Dec hogs that cemented the weekly pullback at $2.92, but the contract printed a very wide $6.68 range through the... (full story)
HEV23: 81.525s (-1.425), HEG24: 75.350s (-2.400), KMV23: 92.200s (-1.600)

Cotton started the Friday session with an attempted bounce, but flipped back to red for the day. The additional 47 to 56 point losses on Friday left the front months lower for the week’s move. December was down 56 points on the day and a net 53 points for the... (full story)

The soy market settled the last trade day of the week mixed with beans and soy oil higher to lower meal. The November soybean contract was 2 ½ cents higher at the close, but still under the $13 mark. Nov beans fell a net 44 cents for the week. Soymeal... (full story)
ZMZ23: 385.8s (-2.3), ZLZ23: 59.62s (+1.22), ZSX23: 1296-2s (+2-4), ZSPAUS.CM: 12.3224 (+0.0312), ZSF24: 1313-4s (+2-6), ZSH24: 1324-6s (+2-4)

The front month wheat futures ended the day firmer following Thursday’s drop. Chicago prices were up 3 ¾ to 5 cents into the weekend, as Dec ended a net 24 ¾ cents lower wk/wk. KC wheats settled fractionally to 2 ½ cents in the black, ending the week 35 ¼... (full story)
ZWZ23: 579-4s (+3-6), ZWH24: 606-4s (+4-2), ZWPAES.CM: 4.9221 (+0.0393), KEZ23: 711-2s (+0-6), KEPAWS.CM: 6.3950 (+0.0171), MWZ23: 770-4s (+3-0)

Corn futures ended the day back near their highs with 2 to 2 ¾ cent gains through the front months. December printed a 4 ¼ cent range for the day, and closed with a net penny gain for the week. The weekly Commitment of Traders report had managed money funds... (full story)
ZCZ23: 477-2s (+2-0), ZCPAUS.CM: 4.4979 (+0.0360), ZCH24: 492-2s (+2-2), ZCK24: 501-0s (+2-4)